Every company which processes personal data of EU citizens in order to offer goods or services to them or if it observes the behaviour of EU citizens within the EU must appoint an EU representative. This only does not apply if it has a branch office in the EU .

The service packages

Choose the package that suits you best, with 50, 200 or 500 requests from data subjects, the processing of which is included per year. The packages are suitable for companies with the following number of customers or users:

  • up to 500 customers / users: package 50
  • up to 2’000 customers / users: package 200
  • up to 5’000 customers / users: package 500

And if you have more than 5’000 customers choose our “Enterprise” solution.

We support you

We do not only represent you professionally towards EU authorities and consumers. We also help you to easily handle other important GDPR obligations.

Number of customers / users
  •    Requests per year included    (data subject management)
  •    EU representative obligations
  •    Certificate
  •    Privacy policy information
      (EU representative clause)
  •    Digital platform
  •    Records of processing activities
  •    Premium Support
  •    Discounts at partner attorney
  •    EUR p.m.
  •    Support / per h EUR

package 50


package 200


package 500



5000 & moreCustomers/Users

Data Subject Management

Requests from data subjects are documented and managed. This avoids problems with consumers and regulatory authorities.

Records of processing activities

A partially automated solution is integrated into our service, with which you can document all processing activities concerning EU citizens in a legally compliant manner.

EU representative obligations

We fulfil all the obligations that an EU representative according to Art. 27 GDPR. In particular, we serve as contact person for supervisory authorities and consumers and keep the data register.

Digital platform

The EU Representative Service is based on a digital platform. This enables our customers to automate processes to a large extent, so that they can fulfil the GDPR obligations quickly and easily.


We provide our customers the required wording  for the privacy policy that an EU representative has been appointed.

Privacy policy

We provide our customers the required wording  for the privacy policy that an EU representative has been appointed.

Premium Support

We support our customers if they do not want to operate the EU Representatives Platform on their own, but want to rely on the help of data protection consultants (EUR 130 / h).

Discount on legal advice

All our clients benefit from our network of qualified attorneys. In addition, large clients receive discounts on the hourly rates of these privacy laws specialists.